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Check out student reviews from Holly’s recent Zoom Workshops:
This is the second time enrolling in Holly’s ukulele workshop. I love learning, and it’s great to pick up new information. A big thank you to Holly for giving us the capability to learn the ukulele!
~ Debbie Fisher, Wyoming

When I signed up for Holly’s online ukulele class, I had a rudimentary understanding of chords and strumming but no formal background in music. My goal for the six-week class was to learn to read music so I could play notes, and learn playing technique. Thanks to Holly’s unique Ukulele Method, I was able to do just that.
Suzanne O’Meara, Petaluma, CA

Overall, I was very pleased with the course. I learned a lot and I feel that I can progress on my own. Thanks Holly, it was a blast!
~ Jovanna Ayala, Petaluma, CA

Holly is a lively, fun, passionate and very loving ukulele teacher who provides a new approach for reading music with colorful visuals and more advanced finger picking vs. only strumming. Holly’s method creates a path for beautiful music making and if you take the time to practice you will reap the rewards. I highly recommend her class!
Amy Rosenbaum, Petaluma, CA

Excellent course! I highly recommend it. Not only did the instructor teach chords and notes on the instrument but also taught how to read music. Instructor handled the on line sessions well.
~ Jon West, Santa Rosa, CA

Holly is a superior instructor, positive, supportive and full of joy. Her multi-model approach provides the appropriate instruction for all types of learning styles. I highly recommend this course.
~ Cheryl Lipman, Honolulu, HI

Holly’s Ukulele’s class was informative, helpful and rewarding. Although distance zoom or virtual learning is a challenge, Holly mastered the technology quite well. We were able to see her play and she was able to see the students and help them with their technique. I am looking forward to her class in January 2021.
~ Marilyn Alvarado, Petaluma, CA

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