Have a blast learning
to play the ukulele!

with Holly’s Ukulele Method™ 
It’s the most comprehensiveukulele manual available!

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Holly’s Ukulele Method™ is Unique!

  • It’s the most comprehensive training manual for beginners through intermediates on the market offering techniques unavailable in other ukulele books.
  • It’s FUN for all ages! Our mascot, “Uke Dawg”, helps make musical concepts and techniques fun to learn.
  • Perfect for Private or Classroom StudyHolly’s Ukulele Method makes it easy to learn to play the ukulele on your own, with a private instructor, or as a tool for classroom teachers from 6th grade to university level.

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  • Available in Hard Copy for home, private, or classroom study
  • MP3 Downloads of all 86 exercises and songs!
  • Black and white interior
  • 182 pages
  • It’s Methodical—Teaches how to read music in the key of C in the first 4 frets of the ukulele, string-by-string, and note-by-note. By the time you finish all 6 lessons, you can actually read music.
  • It’s Comprehensive—Other “learn to play” ukulele books leave it to the teacher to explain or the student to do the research on the basics. Holly’s Ukulele Method™, created over ten years of teaching over 1,000 students, answers ALL of the questions beginners have about:
    • Music notation
    • Music reading
    • Interpretation
    • Ukulele playing technique
  • Focuses on the Key of C: Only book on the market! Competitive books introduce a variety of keys in their “beginner” book. Students who thoroughly learn to read and play in the key of C, tend to have excellent retention of musical concepts and easily learn to play in the other keys. Holly’s Ukulele Method™ gives students a solid music background by concentrating each chapter on specific strings, notes, chords and techniques in the key of C through fun-to-play exercises and familiar songs.
  • Teaches how to read notes on the Low G string: Only book on the market! Learning to read and play a low G string gives uke players 3 extra low notes for playing a wider melody range in a variety of musical genres.